Low Fantasy Rules

Are they rules about Low Fantasy or is it an exclamation? You decide.

This is my Simulationist RPG. I’ve never been completely happy with other attempts at making a “realistic” tabletop RPG. There are several out there that have some good ideas and systems that I really like, but ultimately have more bad than good. Finding the right balance between realism and playability is one of the main things I’m looking for. So as I am wont to do, I’ll just make the game I want to play.

Here’s the elevator pitch

  • Setting agnostic
  • D100 roles for actions (but not a percentile based system)
  • Multiple options listed for most rules so you can do what’s best for your game
  • Realistic damage so every combat is dangerous
  • One double-sided reference page has everything you need to look up during play

This game may not be what all players are looking for. The target audience for this is…  me. But I’m sure there are other groups of players out there looking for a system with a more elegant rule set and a focus on realism. Below is a brief overview:

Stats are a percentile score. So a 75 Strength means you’re stronger than 75% of the human population. Your total stat bonus includes a species modifier though; so you’d still be weaker than a below average grizzly bear.

Skills are all grouped into categories of 4 which have a synergy with each other. So improving in a single skill will increase your bonus with other skills in the category even if you don’t have any ranks in them. One of the skills in each category is always a Knowledge skill, even combat categories. So it’s possible to create a character who’s read every book about sword fighting but never actually held a sword before and have that mechanically represented.

Magic consists of skills to manipulate energy either from your own body or drawn from nature around you. Or skills to ask or compel stronger beings and deities to do things for you.

The plan is to have a pay-what-you-want pdf when it’s finished.