I Made a Gloomhaven Thing

So I’ve been practicing my front end development skills and it is always easier to work on things you’re interested in. I was curious about how the perks in Gloomhaven affected the percentages of drawing certain cards from your modifier deck, so I made a thing. It turned out well, could use a bit more polish; not sure how to style the buttons yet, but it works just fine. It only has the 6 starting classes. I’ll add more as my group unlocks them but we meet infrequently.

It wants to use the Pirata One font (the Gloomhaven font) if you have it. It’s free and easy to find if you search.

It shows you the average amount of damage you can expect to add or subtract given the current state of your deck, so you will see the percentages change every time you draw a card. It also shows the average for attacks with advantage and disadvantage. It only calculates the numeric average. It doesn’t put any value on status effects, so depending on your role in your party you may still find the other perks more valuable. If you have ideas or suggestions let me know.

For the x2 and Miss cards I had to give them a numerical value so I used +2/-2. One, because there are alt rules for that anyway, but also because the base attack is 2, so that’s what you would be adding or subtracting. But that means if you were using a higher or lower attack value the math would be a slight fraction different, not much but something to keep in mind.

Advantage also isn’t 100% correct. The way that rolling interacts with it makes the number of possible combinations you could draw extremely high and much more difficult to write a function to average. So if there are any algorithm wizards that read this, please leave me the answer in the comments.

Also here is the repo for those who might be interested.

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