An Old Video Series: Castlevania on the 64

Before I post any new videos (I have several in the works), I thought it would be good to post a short series I did a while back. Morn a member of some defunct forums I used to frequent did a Let’s Commentary instead of a Let’s Play. He played the game and sent the videos off to other members of the forum and let them do their own commentary for them. I thought it was a good idea so I did one too.

I picked Castlevania for the Nintendo 64. There’s a lot I can say about this game; instead of typing all my thoughts on this game here I should make a post about my love for the series as a whole. I think I cover most of why I like the game in the first video (it’s been a while since I watched these, I made them in 2013). Anyway, enjoy watching through the game if you’ve never played it. It does some clever things for the series and is a good adaptation into 3D. I feel like the games reception might have been a lot more positive overall if it had been released before Symphony of the Night.

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