Mid Summer Update

Unfortunately my energy has been going in several different directions recently, but that is changing, and all (or most) of those directions are showing progress.

Thumbpocalypse is essentially ready to be released. I just need artwork that’s better than the crappy stuff I made in paint.

I’ve had a very good lengthy conversation at the last Unreal Developers meetup. Gained a lot of motivation and several ideas/suggestions, the biggest of which was to write everything down. So currently I have a game design document for Day P about 30% complete.

LRF (my tabletop RPG) has most of the major chapters written, I’m just stuck in the content creation stage. Since it isn’t a D20 derivative, I can’t borrow all of that stuff which means I’m making weapon, armor, and item stats from scratch which is somewhat difficult but mostly just a lot of work.

The video of Simon’s Quest is recorded and I have a first pass of the script done. There is a decent amount of editing since I’m putting a literal translation next to all of the in-game text but an end of August deadline should still be obtainable.

After our vacation I will have more time and hopefully more energy. With that I will make pages on the main site with more information about each of the above as well as several of my other ideas.

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