Beginning of Summer Update

Hard at work on non game related stuff the last few weeks, but my mind has definitely been here wanting to do some more. So here is what to expect in the near future:

  • The site will actually exist in some form, not just the blog. It might change a bit as my general web skills improve and the amount of content about my projects increases. Expect to see this over the next month or two.
  • I’ve started working on an article about the way subweapons are used in different Castlevania games. Should be interesting and have lots of pictures to illustrate my points.
  • I need to finish porting a couple of my mobile projects over to Unreal, then upgrade the artwork so I can actually release them. They’ll both have pages on the main site.
  • I’m in the content creation stage of my pencil and paper RPG, it isn’t a D20 system so there isn’t anything for me to really borrow from and games have a lot of content item wise. I’ve made a dice roller for it online. Once I get the bare minimum amount of content I will make a browser based combat thing so you can fight things and see what that aspect of the game has to offer. It’s fairly low fantasy with realistic damage, so fighting is dangerous, but it is very streamlined and not cumbersome like some other games which try to be realistic.
  • A video play through and discussion of Simon’s Quest which prompted the above article about subweapons.
  • Other articles about mechanics in games I enjoy are in line, I just can’t write them all at once and want to take the time to do them properly. But they will happen.

That’s it for now. I will try to update once every two weeks at the latest even if there isn’t much to report. But getting an article or something done in that amount of time shouldn’t be too bad.

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